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How Do I Read and Write Roman Numerals?


This is the new home of my blog that helps people read and write Roman Numerals. Since March 2007 I've been helping people write Roman Numerals (on the Wordpress blog) for birthdays, anniversaries, children's birthdays and tattoos.

I have answered over 1000 questions about how to write Roman Numerals.

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Want to impress your friends and family? Learn how to read and write Roman Numerals. It’s easy!

First there are 7 distinct numerals from which to create all the other Roman numerals:

I =1clock.JPG

V =5

X =10

L =50

C =100

D =500

M =1000

To create other numerals you will need to combine two or more of the seven. So, for example, number 2 is II, 3 is III, but 4 is IV. Why? because IIII (four of the same number together) becomes unmanageable. Four then is created by placing I in front of V and subtracting 1 from 5 which equals 4.

So far then we have numerals for our Arabic numbers 1-5. We continue simply adding I to V: VI = 6, VII = 7, VIII=8, but 9 is IX. For the same reason we didn’t use IIII for 4, nine is created by placing I in front of X and subtracting 1 from 10 to get 9 (IX).

Are we beginning to see a pattern here?

Numerals above X (10) are XI, XII, XIII, XIV, XV, XVI, XVII, XVIII, XIX and XX is 20.

Then XXX = 30, XXXI = 31 and so on.

XL = 40, XLI = 41 etc.

LX = 60, LXX = 70, LXXX = 80, XC = 90

Let’s try to create a number in Roman numerals. How about 1944. Let’s start from the left:

1000 = M

900 = CM

40 = XL

4 = IV

Put together the numeral is MCMXLIV.

Most of the time Roman numerals are used to express year dates, especially the date for the making of a movie or a television program. Roman numerals are also used on formal documents and papers, analog clocks, and on building cornerstones.


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